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Better Christians

Better Christians
July 21, 2014, 10:02 PM
Sunday morning I went to church with my family and there was a visiting Pastor Anthony Yaboa, Pastor Yaboa spoke of how he heard that 75% of Christians don’t truly listen to the bible, or follow the word.

He said we should focus on doing GOD’S will not our own. Try and make the 25% the 75% let our light shine and show ourselves to be obedient and do more at showing servitude. We have to do better at showing ourselves to be Lovers of the LORD and not trying to fit into pacifying the world’s agenda.

Overall show the love and grace that GOD has for us all, and give solution to those searching for it, and pray with them.

This week our church will have prayer stations throughout Ferndale for those in need of prayer. It is my hope that we all try and work on being better for the betterment of us all, everyone needs to know they are loved, and that GOD loves them and show some love to our fellow man.