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What To Drink With What You Read

The Z-Axis

So, fellow readers, you’ve just added twelve books to your Kindle queue and bought three used books at your local indie bookseller. If you’re anything like me, by this point you’re starting to experience chest constriction, loss of vision and muscle control, and a powerful desire to curl up under your bedsheets and never make a decision ever again. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling overwhelmed by how many unread books are on your bookshelf, and the ever-diminishing number of days left to you in this life to read them all. If you’re anything like me, one hand is already unconsciously reaching out for that half-empty bottle of whiskey on the counter.


But thanks to years of experience self-medicating reading anxiety with booze, you, dear reader, don’t have to wallow in the straits of indecision – whether picking your poison or picking your prose. Here’s a quick and by no…

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Notes frm #MotownWriters @Meetup 1/10/15…Add yr own New Year Goals and Tips

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

New Year Literary Endeavors

Baby steps count too

mwn newer mwn newer

Discussion outline of our January monthly meetup at The Detroit Public Library Main Branch. We meet every 2nd Saturday from 10am to Noon. Interested in Joining us next month, please feel free to come or RSVP at

Please feel free to share this post with another writer, author, poet or group!

Writing Goals

Realistic Monthly Writing Goals

Word Count

Page Count

Publishing Goals

Set timelines.

Get a publishing buddy

Find someone who is ahead of the publishing goals and help them out to learn from them


Offline – placing marketing material places in state and out of state

Visiting networking groups related to book or the writing industry

Supporting other authors and ppl in your book’s genre


Social networks

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Youtube

Produce one audio file and one video file a month

Produce one…

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