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Orally Speaking…

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My Life Is A Joi Miner Novel


“Joi be writin’ them nasty books…”

I remember chilling with my husband and his friend and the friend made this comment about my novels. I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. Not because I was offended but because I’d heard this so many times before.


My first novel, Vices (now amped up and re-released as the A Good Girl with Bad Habits series), that was autobiographical fiction, was classified as “erotica” by my publisher because it had more than four sex scenes in it. That tickled me because I have more than four sex scenes a week in my household (TMI? Oh, my bad. Lol). There’s this stigma that surrounds women who are comfortable with their sexuality and sensuality (yes, they’re two different things). Especially in the South. So, I’m a walking taboo. And so are my characters. But that’s ok. Somebody needs to be the one to…

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