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The Hero’s Journey

Author Entrepreneur Inspirationalist

This morning I think of being naked as I enter worship. I have this thing about being clean and giving God my best so I get up, get clean, and worship him. As naked and as clean as I can be; which means I have to be honest with him about ‘all’ of me. I ask how I work to shed that old skin and to heal, bring back the moisture and protection enough to see something crazy coming but to allow something just to happen as it is. This means I have to be in the moment at all times, careful not to only see the present but the possibilities of the future. The Hero’s journey. I feel like I’m the Hero of my life and I have to first sit at the feet of the master before I can go out into the world to not conquer it…

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These Things in the Name of God



I always respect everyone’s choice of religion or style of worship. I don’t consider myself the perfect Christian, yet I hope to inspire anyone to take a leap of faith. The word of God is the foundation of my beliefs. The blood of Jesus Christ the very source of my salvation. Whereas I understand that some of my fellow Christians may not interpret the Bible the same as myself. I have recently become aware that the same Bible I read can be misrepresented to a disturbing degree.

I hoped that the Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex marriages would have ended the debate for good. An act of separation of church and state to quell the moral struggle in our country. My hopes proved to be too high as the most religious of men and women would deny us peace in this area. The latest individual being Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis…

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The Best

Author Entrepreneur Inspirationalist

Good morning my love. May God bless you real good today. May his presence give you more than comfort but an expansive dose of love that warms you from the inside out. May your heart be full today. I love you and know that you’re enduring a lot these days but its going to be okay. I promise. God has you and if you can endure a bit longer you’re going to be REWARDED. Know that God loves you enough to give you the best. You need to know how the best has come for you, so you must see it when it wasn’t its best so you can appreciate it more. Hang in there its going to be the BEST ride EVER 😉 I love you more than the weight of sound, more than the grains of sand on all of the planets. You are my earth. The part that…

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The Return of Jazz



As much as I love writing, as much as I love my Wife, as much as I love driving my Charger at high speed, there is a sound underneath it all that I also love. That is the sound of Jazz music. I was inflicted early in life. My Dad was into blues and my mom R&B and Gospel but it was Ellington and Basie who sunk their hooks into me, The trumpet of Miles Davis gave me peace though high school. The deep bass of Stanley Clarke played in the tape deck of my first car. Jazz music became the soundtrack of everything I thought was cool.

My favorite radio station was Smooth Jazz V98.7 and one of the voices there was none other than the lady pictured above, Maxine Michaels. Ms Michaels vast musical knowledge and silky smooth voice was unparalleled on Detroit’s air waves. With the emergence…

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Who Am I & Why I’m Sharing My Story @phetteogburn

Phette Hollins

Happy It-Looks-Like-It’s-Gonna-Be-Snowy-and-Wintery-In-Michigan-Forever Sunday!!!!

I spent all day yesterday packing and moving, so my hair is a mess, hence the furry, purple, faux Kangol I’m rocking today. But anyhoo…

Purple Kangol Purple Kangol

Who Am I
I am…


What this means is: I feel most comfortable writing than I do speaking. I enjoy sharing stories (story telling); it’s my passion and what I feel deeply about. And, I also get great satisfaction knowing someone is living their passion. Doing what she loves. Because the highest satisfaction is doing what we were brought here to do, ya know?

Why Am I Sharing My Story w/You?

Because…I wish someone had shared their stories with me as a kid, as a teen, as a young adult so that I didn’t feel so alone.

What story telling does is educate, enlighten, and let’s you know that there are other…

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Author Feature~ Andrea Daniel

Author Entrepreneur Inspirationalist

‘What’s In A Name’

There are some cultures that use rituals when naming a baby. I recently read the blog Just Genesis about AfricanNamingPractices, which states:

Giving a child a meaningful name in Africa requires accepting that the child has a personal dignity right from the moment of conception that needs to be respected and protected. This respect for the dignity of the newly born is symbolized through practices associated with the naming ceremony. Among the Yorubas of Western Nigeria, water is dabbed on the child´s face during the ceremony to symbolize the child´s purity and the importance of having no enemies. In some other African countries, honey and bitter kolanuts represent the sweet and bitter dimensions of the life that the child is about to begin.

I’ve also heard of parents who waited seven days before naming their children. They watched to learn their baby’s attributes…

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What To Drink With What You Read

The Z-Axis

So, fellow readers, you’ve just added twelve books to your Kindle queue and bought three used books at your local indie bookseller. If you’re anything like me, by this point you’re starting to experience chest constriction, loss of vision and muscle control, and a powerful desire to curl up under your bedsheets and never make a decision ever again. If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling overwhelmed by how many unread books are on your bookshelf, and the ever-diminishing number of days left to you in this life to read them all. If you’re anything like me, one hand is already unconsciously reaching out for that half-empty bottle of whiskey on the counter.


But thanks to years of experience self-medicating reading anxiety with booze, you, dear reader, don’t have to wallow in the straits of indecision – whether picking your poison or picking your prose. Here’s a quick and by no…

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